BREAKING: Trump’s First Illegal Immigrant Raid Underway…

February 4, 2017

The first deportation operation is gearing up, so get ready to mark a Trump campaign promise complete. The Trump administration is collaborating with Immigration & Customs Enforcement in Austin, Texas to begin the first round of undocumented immigrant deportations. The Austin […]

Ted Cruz Finally Says It

January 31, 2017

Ted Cruz perfectly described what most Americans think about the Democrat Party right now. In an interview with The Daily Caller, the Texas senator said that progressives are quite literally suffering from a case of “Trump […]

UH-OH: Obama Stabbed In The Back By His Own Party…

December 7, 2016

Russian influence in the election of our 45th President may lie squarely with none other than sitting President Barack Obama. Democrat congressman suspect that Russian interference comes from Obama’s ineffectiveness as a world leader, and […]

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