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News12 months ago

Michelle Obama Mocks Women Who Voted Trump… Immediately Faces Wrath Of Tomi Lahren

Recently, Michelle Obama mocked women who voted for President Donald Trump, saying they were voting “against” their own voice —...

News12 months ago

Marine Vet Burns $4,000 Worth Of NFL Tickets… What He Said Right Before Explains It All

A Colts fan and veteran has had enough. On Monday, during a Facebook livestream, Randy Heard burned his season tickets after...

News12 months ago

Nancy Pelosi Plays President, Undermines Controversial Trump Order

On Tuesday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi sidestepped President Donald Trump’s dis-invitation of the Golden State Warriors visit to the...

News12 months ago

Gen. John Kelly Puts The Fear Of God Into NFL Anthem Kneelers… They Won’t Forget This

While White House Chief of Staff and Gen. John Kelly may not be too thrilled about President Donald Trump starting...

News12 months ago

Don Jr. Brings Buried NFL Scandal To Light… Roger Goodell Won’t Escape This One

Last year, a massive NFL scandal was swept under the rug. However, with the increased anti-American sentiments at NFL games,...

News12 months ago

Don Jr. Publicly Humiliates NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

After President Donald Trump tore national anthem kneeling NFL players to shreds, the league’s commissioner — Roger Goodell — issued...

News12 months ago

Kaepernick’s Mother Responds To Trump… Don Jr. Makes Her Immediately Regret It

On Friday, President Donald Trump set the sports world on fire with brutal comments against those who kneel during the...

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