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BREAKING: Rand Paul Proposes One-Page Bill That’s DESTROYING The Democrat Party…



Sen. Rand Paul is pushing a new a bill (H.R.785 & S.545) that would effectively obliterate the Democrat stranglehold on the workforce.

National Right to Work Act would repeal the federally granted power union bosses wield to force 11 million American workers to pay dues and fees just to keep their jobs.

After all, nearly 80% of the American people oppose compulsory unionism.

“Without a doubt, this is our best opportunity ever to pass a National Right to Work law to end forced unionism in America,” Sen. Paul said in a written post.

“A National Right to Work law would ultimately end forced unionism nationwide by removing the sections of federal labor laws that allow union bosses to force workers to join a union just to get or keep a job,” Sen. Paul concluded.

The bill’s passage would be in the interests of a strong economy, individual freedom and more jobs.

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