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Love Or Hate The Patriots, You Must Know What Trump Did For Their Owner 6 Years Ago…



It’s obvious that the progressives have worked as hard as they can — through protests and demonstrations — to belittle and diminish President Donald Trump.

However, stories and testimonies from people like Patriots’ Owner Robert Kraft about the new commander-in-chief make that a very difficult task for the left to accomplish.

Kraft, who has been a lifelong Democrat and an Obama donor, revealed how special his relationship with Trump became six years ago when his wife, Myra, passed away.

“When Myra died, Melania and Donald came up to the funeral in our synagogue, then they came for memorial week to visit with me,” Kraft told the Daily News.

“Then he called me once a week for the whole year, the most depressing year of my life when I was down and out. He called me every week to see how I was doing, invited me to things, tried to lift my spirits. He was one of five or six people that were like that. I remember that.”

An incredible story.

While a good friend was suffering greatly, the billionaire real-estate mogul was right there by his side the entire time.

Honestly, how many Americans can say they have a friend who would go out of their way to do something like that?

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