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BREAKING: Obama Judge Defies Democrats, Backs Trump’s SCOTUS Pick



When Barack Obama picked Elena Kagan for a SCOTUS position in 2010, someone had to fill her seat as solicitor general.

So American lawyer Neal Katyal was there to take Kagan’s solicitor general spot under the Obama administration, albeit only for a short time.

However, upon the announcement of Judge Neil Gorsuch as President Trump’s SCOTUS nomination, Katyal has come out in “strong support” of this new pick.

“Judge Gorsuch is one of the most thoughtful and brilliant judges to have served our nation over the last century,” Katyal said in a statement.

“As a judge, he has always put aside his personal views to serve the rule of law. To boot, as those of us who have worked with him can attest, he is a wonderfully decent and humane person.”

Katyal joins others in the legal field with ties to the Supreme Court’s left-leaning bloc that have applauded on Gorsuch’s bid for the high court.

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