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Mexican Woman Begs For A Border Wall To Be Built… Get Sick Response From Media



Over the last few years, Americans have figured out one thing — the mainstream media has an agenda.

What is that agenda, exactly? Suppressing anyone that respects the Constitution and demands “law and order.”

That’s exactly why news outlets resorted to silence when a Hispanic woman testified before congress and pleaded for a border wall to curtail illegal immigration.

Maria Espinoza, national director of the Remembrance Project, a non-profit representing the victims of illegal immigrant crime and their families, testified the following:

“Americans will continue to be under assault until the wall is built … While it seemed as though the politicians listened and even publicly gave the families their condolences, congressional leadership, the bodies of both houses, Republican and Democrat, have failed to enact the very measures that would have saved American lives. America has spoken. We want the wall built right away … those who falsely state that a great border wall would not work either don’t know their history or are in denial.”


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