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Chuck Schumer Calls Ted Cruz’s Healthcare Amendment A “Hoax,” INSTANTLY Regrets It…



Sen. Ted Cruz has been hard at work strengthening the Obamacare repeal bill adding a special amendment of his own, allowing more freedoms for citizens.

However, the Texas senator caught the attention of Minority Leader Chuck Schumer — and the New York Democrat came out and simply called it a “hoax.”

“Make no mistake, the Cruz amendment is a hoax,” Schumer said on Thursday.

Cruz countered the jab perfectly, delivering a knockout blow against Schumer for selling Obamacare to the American people.

“Chuck Schumer knows a lot about healthcare hoaxes — because the real hoax is the one he and Barack Obama sold to the American people when they first rammed through Obamacare,” Cruz said, according to the Washington Times.

The spat was triggered after Cruz proposed an amendment to the health care bill that would allow insurance companies to sell plans that do not comply with the Affordable Care Act if they also provide a plan that qualifies under the current law.

“It would give consumers the freedom to choose more affordable plans that better meet their individual health care needs,” Cruz said.

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