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Trump Needs To Build A Canal, Not A Wall… And Here’s Why



First, let me make it very clear that a wall on America’s southern border will work.

However, what if there were a better option?

What if we could grow the economy through border? What if we could make trade the best in American history? What if we can reduce illegal immigration to a guaranteed zero? Better yet, what if we could do all these things at once?

Well, we can — and we don’t have to deal with the imminent protests and grandstanding by the left, either.

America should, instead of building a wall, opt to build a canal.

Yes, like the Panama Canal, except 2,000 miles long and all under America’s control.

It may sound absolutely ridiculous, but here are some reasons why it would be better than a wall:

  1. It’s something Republicans and Democrats can get behind. This would shut down the narrative that Trump and conservatives are somehow “racist” for not letting foreigners in, when in fact, we could allow the largest ships with goods from all over the world pass through.
  2. It would be future-proof. There will never be a time when a Democrat president could come through and say “Congress, tear down Trump’s wall!” They would just have to live with the consequences of having a massive free-market, dozens of towns, and thousands of families relying on the prospective success of the new water-way.
  3. Illegal immigration will be reduced to rubble — it would never be a factor ever again (unless Canada decides to try something shady). No more tunnels, no more separated families, no more crime from illegal residents.
  4. Trump likes to talk about trade — a lot. America would no longer have to bend the knee to other countries with trade advantages and benefits. We would, almost immediately, have the upper-hand and provide stiff competition to the Panama Canal — which would would be at a deficit when it comes to location.
  5. It would be a worldwide tourist phenomenon — a 2,000 mile-long canal would be something to behold.

Once again, Trump’s wall would be a mighty feat and would hinder illegal immigration greatly, but the administration should consider all options.

Please pass this proposition along if you think that this is worth looking at!


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