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Obama’s Brother Backs Trump’s Immigration Ban, Rebukes Barack In An EPIC Fashion…



Late last month, Barack Obama issued an unprecedented rebuke of President Trump’s executive order in which he temporarily banned travel from seven war-torn, Muslim-majority countries.

Malik Obama, the half-brother of Barack Obama, sided with Trump on the issue, publishing a tweet that explains his position concisely.

“We don’t lock our doors before bed because we hate people outside. We lock them because we love the people inside,” Malik Obama tweeted.

But he went even further. After eight years of Barack Obama failing to deliver America the “hope” and “change” he promised them, Malik decided to put the myth to rest once and for all:

“I see what others are doing and I ask myself what did Barack Obama do in eight years?”

Then, he followed up with another tweet, saying, “Eight years of nothing. Wow.”

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