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Argentina President Copies Controversial Trump Policy… Media SILENT



President Donald Trump’s agenda and policy procedures are making waves across the world.

Argentina President Mauricio Macri has signed an executive order, much like Trump’s, in that there’s an immigration ban on neighboring countering in order to curtail the massive drug flow.

“Peruvian and Paraguayan citizens come here and end up killing each other for control of the drug trade,” said Macri’s security minister Patricia Bullrich this week. “A lot of Paraguayans, Bolivians and Peruvians get involved as either capitalists or mules, as drivers or as part of the drug trafficking chain.”

Bolivia is not happy with the move.

“We have to reject this kind of stigmatization against our compatriots that coincides with Trump’s xenophobic attitude,” responded Bolivian government minister Carlos Romero.

In addition to Macri’s Trump-like “travel ban,” there has even been talk about a border wall in an effort to reduce the drug crisis currently underway.

The revival of the idea of having strong borders and national independence is just at its beginning stages.

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