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Liberals Furious At What Irma Did To Trump’s Caribbean Resort… He’s Getting The Last Laugh



During the week leading up to Hurricane Irma’s landfall in the Caribbean, liberals were ecstatic that President Trump’s $17 million “chateau” on the Caribbean island of St. Martin was directly in the path of the massive storm.

However, Trump is getting the last laugh, as what Irma did to his resort was practically nothing — the property was nearly unscathed and not even a single roof tile was lost.

To make matters worse for the left, many liberal celebrities didn’t get as lucky as the Trump — their multi-million dollar homes were obliterated by the storm, both in the Caribbean and in Florida.

USA Today reports:

Trump’s Chateau des Palmiers, located on Plum Bay beach in a posh neighborhood of vacation villas on the French side of St. Martin, is still standing with hardly any damage (although the landscaping is quite distraught), according to pictures sent to USA TODAY by Jack Fleishman, a Californian who co-owns the heavily damaged Villa Mille Fleurs just above Trump’s place.

The rest of St. Martin was 95% destroyed after Irma hit the island on Sept. 6.

Million-dollar villas and hotels, middle-class homes and the ramshackle abodes of the poor and working-class residents suffered similar fates across the Caribbean from the power of a Category 5 storm: All were reduced to little more than kindling. At least nine people died on the French side.

How Trump’s sprawling beachside 11-bedroom estate, for sale at a reduced price of $16.9 million, managed to avoid damage when so many other estates nearby were seriously or catastrophically ruined, is still a puzzle, Fleishman told USA TODAY.

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