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Liberals Glad Trump’s Caribbean Resort Will Be Crushed By Irma… Backfires IMMEDIATELY



“If it’s any consolation, Hurricane Irma might f*** up Trump’s Caribbean mansion.”

Those are the words of far-left magazine Death and Taxes — and they are paying the price.

In an article on their blog, they explain how devastating the effects of Hurricane Irma will be, all before trying to reassure their liberal readers that it will all be alright because Trump’s Caribbean resort will be hit hard:

“[Irma] is a dour situation, is what I’m saying. The only silver lining is that while Irma ravages the Caribbean, one building at risk is the president’s $16.9 million, 11-bedroom compound on Plum Bay in the French territory St. Martin. It’s located directly in Irma’s path and will likely get destroyed.”

However, immediately after publishing the article, the backlash was severe:

They won’t live this one down.

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