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Alt-Left Member’s Mugshot Goes Viral After Being Caught In The Act… Here’s What He Did



On Sunday, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department arrested a member of the “alt-left” for vandalizing a Confederate monument in Garfield Park.

According to Indiana authorities, Anthony Ventura, the 30-year-old perpetrator, was arrested just hours after the incident occurred.

A short video was taken of the vandalism, in which he was hitting the structure with a hammer-like object — and his mugshot (above) is starting to gain some internet virality.

“It’s stupid, it don’t really make any sense, you know?” said Rex Staples, a resident that lives near the park, ” because they’re really not doing anything.”

Here’s video of the incident:

Fox 59 reports:

Following an Indianapolis Star article earlier this week, some city leaders have called for a discussion on whether the monument’s current spot is really the best place for it.

The memorial honors around 1,600 Confederate soldiers and sailors who died while POWs at Camp Morton in Indianapolis during the Civil War. The remains of those soldiers are actually buried at Crown Hill Cemetery.

There’s no word yet on how much damage was caused during the incident Saturday afternoon.

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