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Stop What You’re Doing. Here’s Why Trump Needs Your Prayers Right Now.



President Donald Trump is heading into the lion’s den tonight.

According to reporters on the ground, globalist billionaire George Soros is going to launching a “show of force” at Trump’s Phoenix, AZ rally on Tuesday night.

Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, and paid protesters are going to show up in numbers like never before — and the commander-in-chief will be right in the heart of it all.

That’s why Americans must pray for his safety tonight.

TDC reports:

Local leaders of Indivisible, one of many “resistance” protest groups formed as a direct response to Trump’s election, are organizing thousands of protesters associated with a coalition of left-wing groups ahead of Tuesday’s event. In addition to organizing mass protests outside the rally, Indivisible is encouraging protesters to register for tickets for the rally itself, increasing the likelihood that protesters will disrupt Trump’s speech, as often happens at Trump’s rallies.

Although originally founded by activists not backed by donors, Indivisible’s website now states that the group “is a project of the Advocacy Fund,” a progressive advocacy group that receives money from the Open Society Policy Center, an arm of Soros’ Open Society Foundations. That revelation follows USA Today’s reporting in May that leaders of Indivisible and Women’s March met with Democracy Alliance, a Soros-led network of left-wing donors, to discuss funding options.

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