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Alt-Left Beheads Statue Of George Washington’s Closest Ally…



The alt-left has struck again.

On Saturday, it was discovered that the statue of a Revolutionary War hero, who happened to be an extremely close ally with George Washington, was beheaded.

A reward has been offered to help find the vandals who destroyed the likeness of William Crawford.

“According to Crawford County Prosecutor Matt Crall, the vandalism happened sometime this past week,” the local Fox affiliate reported. “He said that whoever vandalized the statue faces felony charges.”

“Meanwhile, Powell lawyer Joel Spitzer says he, along with other community members, are offering a $1,300 reward for information leading to an arrest,” Fox reported, and noted that the “reward is growing.”

Breitbart reports:

Republican State Representative Wes Goodman tweeted on Friday: “Revolutionary War hero Colonel Crawford statue decapitated at the Courthouse. The lawless attacks on our history must end!”

In the left-wing frenzy to rid the American landscape of any memorial to the Confederate Army and its role in the Civil War, memorials that have nothing to do with that part of U.S. history are being targeted.

Crawford was, in fact, a remarkable American citizen and warrior and a close friend and confidant to George Washington.

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