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South Korea Locates Game-Changing Intel On Kim Jong-Un… “Imminent Nuclear Tests”



On Tuesday, South Korea’s National Intelligence service made a startling discovery.

Activity has been detected at North Korea’s Punggye-ri underground nuclear test site — signaling what they say could be “imminent nuclear tests.”

Breitbart reports:

A South Korean lawmaker who said satellite imagery indicates North Korean “has completed its preparation to carry out a nuclear test at Tunnel 2 and Tunnel 3 of the Punggye-ri nuclear test site,” while Tunnel 4 is apparently being expanded.

A report at The Australian states that North Korea could conduct a nuclear test within ten days possibly timed to coincide with the national holiday on September 9 commemorating the founding of the nation by current dictator Kim Jong-un’s grandfather, Kim Il-sung. North Korea’s last nuclear test was held in conjunction with this holiday in 2016.

The Australian suggests China would be profoundly displeased by another underground blast at Punggye-ri because such tests cause significant earth tremors and contaminate water and soil in China. If China is exceptionally angry at North Korea, they have yet to demonstrate it through any public statement.

North Korea has test-fired at least four missiles over the past few days, including the one that flew over Japan on Monday. Dictator Kim Jong-un has been photographed ostentatiously inspecting missile components and overseeing military exercises which appeared to simulate a North Korean attack on South Korean islands.

CNN notes that North Korea’s state-run media has been filled with belligerent messages about using nuclear weapons to “defend independence and justice,” while congratulating Kim for transforming the Communist nation into a “matchless nuclear weapons state in a short span of time.”

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