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JUST IN: Susan Rice Gets Career-Ending News From House Intel Committee… Media SILENT



The House Intelligence Committee has issued subpoenas to the FBI, the CIA, and the National Security Agency for information regarding three top officials from the previous administration.

Susan Rice, former President Barack Obama’s right-hand woman, is at the top of the subpoena list for illegally unmasking members President Trump’s team.

RCP reports:

Former White House National Security Adviser Susan Rice was identified by multiple news agencies last month as someone who requested the names of Trump associates whose names had appeared in coded form in classified intelligence reports be identifed for her — or ‘unmasked.’ Rice at the time denied wrongdoing and told us today through a spokesperson that she is unaware of any subpoenas ‘directed at her.’

Former CIA Director John Brennan is also named in the subpoenas. In testimony last week, Brennan decried the leaks of classified information that had bedeviled the Trump administration, and which some believe is linked to the unmasking activity. Brennan declined our request for comment.

Most noteworthy was the committee’s naming of Samantha Power, the former UN ambassador has not previously surfaced in the unmasking controversy. A Pulitzer prize-winning historian, Power served in Barack Obama’s Senate office before joining his administration.

House investigators told Fox News they are now devoting more scrutiny to Power, and they have come to see her role in the unmasking as ‘larger than previously known.’ Allegedly eclipsing the others named.

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