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African American Magazine Celebrates July 4th With Story on Why Blacks Shouldn’t Celebrate Independence Day



You can’t have a discussion with leftists without them hurling the infamous “race card” at you.

And even if you don’t have a discussion, they’ll still call the things you stand for and the land you love “racist.”

YC reports:

The Root, an online magazine that caters to African Americans, has a message for this Independence Day holiday: blacks shouldn’t celebrate because America isn’t their country.

The digital, black-centric magazine featured a video showing American blacks explaining why they refuse to celebrate the July Fourth holiday, Daily Caller reported.

The video begins with an African American woman calling herself Shani Akilah who says she hates America so much that she doesn’t even call herself an American despite being born here.

“I’ve never identified with even being American, even though I’m born here,” Akilah says. “At the inception of this country, it was based off of oppression and murder and colonization and rape. And so we are rotten at our core.”

Another black woman tells the magazine’s audience that she so disregards America that she’s never even thought of celebrating July Fourth.

Another black woman says America’ ideas of freedom are essential a fraud.

“And then I think about Native Americans and the subjugation of Native Americans and how meaning free for white Americans or British Americans or all of these people that were kicked out of England meant the death of all these Native people,” Rodeeia Carson said on the video. “So I can’t see freedom in that.”

Indeed, one woman even proudly claimed that opposing the U.S.A. and its seminal holiday was a great form of “resistance.”

“To me, it’s resistance to not acknowledge the day at all. To continue to fight in this liberation movement for what freedom actually is,” she said.

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