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JUST IN: NYPD On High-Alert As ISIS Threatens To ATTACK New York City [DETAILS]



In ISIS’ latest propaganda video, they demand that hidden terrorist cells in America attack New York City. In response to this threat, the New York Police Department immediately put its entire force on high-alert.

Interestingly enough, this new threat comes just days after the United States military killed an ISIS commander.

USANF reports:

New York Post reported that the NYPD put its officers on high alert as ISIS released their latest propaganda, calling on home-grown terrorist to attack NYC.

“While there is no known specific or credible reporting regarding a threat to New York City at this time, members of services are advised to practice heightened situational awareness,” the department writes in a Finest Message sent Friday to all officers.

ISIS called for their supporters to attack NYC in their magazine, Rumiyah. In it, the terrorist organization calls for their supporters to take hostages during their attacks and even kill them, instead of negotiating for ransom. Moreover, they are also telling their supporters to attack nightclubs, movie theaters and shopping malls.

“The hostage-taking article also frequently touches on the topic of police response, highlighting the potential ability for hostage takers to slow down police response during the operation to ensure maximum casualties,” the Finest Message adds.

NYPD urges the citizens on New York to be aware of their surroundings and report any unusual activity immediately.

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