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MLK’s Niece Grades Trump’s First 100 Days, Gives Him Score Democrats Are HATING…



President Donald Trump spoke directly to the needs of African Americans during the heated 2016 campaign, promising that he would work tirelessly to strengthen the broken-down race relations in the United States.

And Alveda King, the niece of the great Martin Luther King Jr., said he’s been doing a great job thus far.

Fox Insider reports:

“President Trump gets an ‘A’ from me,” King said on “Fox and Friends,” explaining that she has met with Trump and several members of his team — including Dr. Ben Carson and Omarosa Manigault – to discuss the plight of African Americans in America.

She said that several important initiatives are on the president’s radar, including making sure historically black colleges and institutions are well-funded.

“He knows that we have to have good education and opportunities to compete,” King said. “He’s doing that with not just the African Americans and women, but, really, for all Americans.”

Abby Huntsman pointed out that the last few months of former President Obama’s time in office were marked by racial protests and unrest, asking what has changed since then.

King chalked it up to two key things: “Prayer coupled with sanity.”

She revealed that she prayed for Trump on each of his first 100 days in office, and she will continue to do so as he forges ahead in his presidency.

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