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Trump’s Books Do The Unthinkable Instantly After Hillary’s “What Happened” Is Released



Immediately after Hillary Clinton’s book What Happened was released on the Amazon marketplace, it shot to first place.

However, a political rival’s book is rising incredibly fast.

In just 24 hours, President Donald Trump’s book Great Again skyrocketed 103,891% from the 12,479 position all the way to the number 12 spot on the bestsellers list — at the rate it’s currently going, it will outdo Clinton’s book on the day of its release.

Now wouldn’t that just be unfortunate for Mrs. Clinton.

The above screenshot also shows President Trump’s Crippled America — the sequel to Great Again — is also on the rise.

In addition, the initial reviews of Clinton’s book aren’t that great compared to President Trump’s. She’s garnered an average 3/5 star rating over 600 reviews that have been placed, whereas the commander in chief has an average 4.5/5 stars on both of his books.

On particularly interesting one-star review from What Happened is as follows:

“Those who are giving this a 5 Star review either haven’t read it, or still wishing the election could be changed.

“How you can blame everyone in the world except yourself is astounding. From the very first page till the very end, she defends herself. She even has the audacity to blame Sanders, the DNC, even in a way her own husband for her loss.

“Hillary, come on it is time to move on to another time, and another page in your life. Let it go and look in the mirror. You have but one person to blame!”

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