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While Trump Was Handing Out Food In FL, Something Occurred That’s Silencing All Liberals



Looks like liberals were wrong again — President Donald Trump does, indeed, have big hands.

On Thursday, Trump had trouble putting his hand into a white plastic glove as he distributed hoagies to victims of Hurricane Irma in southwest Florida.

According to the account in the pool report, the commander in chief’s right hand ripped the glove, exposing skin near his thumb.

“They’re too small,” the president said right after he asked if anyone wanted the banana he was holding in his torn glove.

WE reports:

The size of Trump’s hands long has been the subject of ridicule by his opponents. He allegedly mailed traced outlines of his hand to a journalist who dubbed him a “short-fingered vulgarian.”

“And you know what they say about guys with small hands,” Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., said in a GOP primary debate last year. He paused for effect before adding, “You can’t trust ’em!”

First lady Melania Trump and Vice President Mike Pence accompanied the president on his visit to Naples, Fla.

Trump reportedly shook hands and helped distribute sandwiches by pointing at them and saying “don’t forget to take one!” and “here’s a nice one!”

Pence stood by the bananas and Melania by the bottled water. “There’s Melania, she’s gorgeous,” a woman observed.

The crowd appeared supportive. “Make America great again!” one man yelled at photographers after shaking his hand.

“You a workout guy?” Trump asked one man, per the pool report. “Keep it up.”

“Are you a biker?” he asked a woman. “The bikers love us.”

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