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Hours After John McCain Promises To Keep Obamacare, Trump Issues Stunning Response



During an Alabama rally on Friday, President Donald Trump blasted Sen. John McCain, calling the Arizona Republican’s decision to oppose the latest GOP effort to repeal Obamacare “honestly terrible.”

Trump stated that at one point during the health care reform effort — Republicans have tried two other times — he’d been given a list of ten Republicans to lobby for support.

“John McCain was not on the list, so that was an unexpected thing. Terrible. Honestly terrible,” Trump said in Huntsville at an event for Sen. Luther Strange, who faces former judge Roy Moore in a Republican primary.

Trump added that McCain’s “last campaign was all about repeal and replace, repeal and replace.”

“We’re going to do it eventually,” Trump vowed, referring to his pledge to repeal former President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

Trump added that he still believes Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, who like McCain has said he will vote against the bill, could change his mind.

“I haven’t given up on him, because I think he may come around, OK? Wouldn’t it be ironic if he took John McCain’s place — and they definitely do not like each other. Wouldn’t that be ironic?” Trump said. “That would be very ironic, for those of you that know the inner workings of the Senate.”

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