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FL Sheriff Issues Surprise Order To Gun Owners… Americans Are Laughing Their Heads Off



On Sunday, Florida county sheriff’s office told residents not to fire weapons at Hurricane Irma.

Yes, really.

The announcement was made after a social media page advocating shooting the storm went viral, getting tens of thousands of likes and shares.

“To clarify, DO NOT shoot weapons at Irma. You won’t make it turn around and it will have very dangerous side effects,” the Pasco Sheriff said on Twitter.

CNBC reports:

Two men started a Facebook event page entitled “Shoot At Hurricane Irma” adding “Lets show Irma that we shoot first.” As of Sunday morning, 54,000 people said they were interested.

One of authors of the page said the post was an attempt at humor.

“A combination of stress and boredom made me start the event,” Ryon Edwards told BBC.

It was to “lighten the mood. … The response is a complete and total surprise to me. I never envisioned this event becoming some kind of crazy idea larger than myself. It has become something a little out of my control,” he said.

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