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Mitt Romney To Potentially Run For Utah Senate Seat



Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney just might be jumping back into politics.

Utah Policy reported Monday that failed 2012 Republican presidential candidate may run for Sen. Orrin Hatch’s seat if the Utah senator retires.

This bombshell report adds new fuel to speculation about the political future for Romney while also creating questions about his loyalty to the GOP and President Donald Trump.

NM reports:

Hatch has been silent on whether he will run for an eighth term in 2018 and may make his decision by the end of the year.

His reluctance to make a final decision may present obstacles for other candidates considering jumping into the 2018 race. However, Romney is said to have the finances and backing to launch a campaign regardless of when Hatch makes his final decision.

According to a poll by Utah Policy, Romney had an advantage over Democrat Jenny Wilson in the Senate race, tracking 64 percent of the vote compared with her 26 percent.

Earlier this year, Hatch said he would consider stepping aside if Romney were to run for his seat, The Hill reported.

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