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BREAKING: Border Patrol Announces New Method To Catch Illegals… Trump Is Dead Serious



President Donald Trump has made another massive step forward in preventing illegal immigration.

On Thursday, officials within the revamped U.S. Border Patrol announced that drones are now being tested to fight against illegal aliens and smuggling.

Breitbart reports:

According to media sources based in Tucson, Arizona, the Border Patrol will begin testing “new and smaller types of drones” in the Tucson Sector later this month. Agents will also be testing the devices in Texas and Vermont.

The drones will be used to help agents in “difficult to access and high-risk areas,” reported. Agents can transport the craft easily in a vehicle or a backpack. The agency will test three different kinds of small unmanned aircraft systems.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) spokesman Roland “Chip,” Filiault told the news outlet that Puma, Raven, and InstantEye Quadcopter drones will be tested. The drones will have sensors. Infrared cameras and facial-recognition features may also be tested.

The use of drones for securing the border has been called a “gamechanger” by Border Patrol Agents.

CBP will test the units in hot and cold temperatures. After, the agency will decide on whether to expand the program.

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