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Bernie Sanders And Kim Jong-Un Agree On Just About Everything… And Here’s The Proof



In 2016, self-avowed socialist Bernie Sanders ran a presidential campaign on the platform of free education, free healthcare, bolstering subsidized housing and food programs, and overall strengthening the dependance of citizens on government.

However, what would be the final outworking of all those programs?

Simple — North Korea.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un, along with former North Korean leaders, have built Bernie Sanders’ dream system of government — a “Democratically Socialist” government  — in which the citizens “rely on the government for their everyday needs,” but have the “freedom” to challenge existing leadership in elections and/or be “independent and creative in every way.”

North Korea’s official website boasts many socialist achievements — nearly duplicates of what Bernie Sanders’ platform is — yet it’s arguably the most repressive country in the world today.

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea claims to “supply” the free healthcare, free education, and subsidized housing and food.

However, that very state “support” is practically nil and in their quest to “better” the population, North Korea has merely regressed, developing a laundry list of human rights violations in promising to take care of its people and workers.

And that’s about the only difference between Sen. Bernie Sanders and Kim Jong-Un: The Vermont senator issues empty promises to people that larger government will benefit them and society whereas the North Korean leader is way past those very promises, using past assurances of “bigger government = better government” to turn around and control every aspect of every life in his country.

Now that the strong correlation between Sanders and Un have been established, here’s how North Korea is really doing with their “free” stuff and socialism:

The North Korean people are dirt poor and Kim Jong-Un continues to spend billions refining a ballistics program and developing nuclear weapons. Of the 24 million living in the country, 40 percent live below the poverty line, making around $2-$3 a month.

While citizens are starving and malnourished, Kim Jong-Un lives it up at his luxurious, private resort where he and his cronies “dine on the finest imported food like lobsters, scallops and French cheeses and wash it down with bottles of champagne, fine wines, whisky and brandy.” This situation is eerily similar to Venezuela’s socialist society — a country whose economic system Sen. Bernie Sanders has endorsed.

This is the “wage gap” far-left advocates really need to be talking about.

As for the trademark “free healthcare,” which North Korea boasts and Bernie Sanders advocates, the situation is actually quite dire. Citizens of North Korea who need medical treatment are usually rejected due to the fact that they are unable to pay a steep price for a supply of medicine — it’s hard to pay for anything making $3 a month. So much for that “free” healthcare as promised.

Education is no better — young children spend around 684 hours per curriculum learning about the history of current and former North Korean leaders.

The list could go on and on, but the central theme is clear — the outworking of Bernie Sanders’ socialist agenda is North Korea.

“Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” — Winston Churchill

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