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JUST IN: Sheriff Joe Makes Stunning Promise To American People… Obama In DEEP Trouble



Days after President Donald Trump pardoned former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the Arizona enforcer found new freedom.

And immediately, Arpaio promised the American people he would go public about the “abuse” he endured from the Obama administration’s politically-motivated investigation into his law enforcement operation in southern Arizona.

“This goes back to the former president — [former Attorney General] Eric Holder. Sixty days after they took office, they launched this investigation and here it is. When I was running for office, contempt of court, misdemeanor. They did it politically,” Arpaio told Fox News host Sean Hannity. “After this is over, Sean, at the appropriate time, I am going to go public and talk about the abuse of the political and justice system. People have to know the true story. If they can go after me, they can go after anyone in this country.”

WE reports:

Last month, U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton found Arpaio in criminal contempt of court for not following a different judge’s orders to stop traffic patrols that targeted illegal immigrants. Arpaio was found in civil contempt of court in May.

Arpaio insisted Wednesday that the judge was biased against him and said he will air his grievances at a future date.

“I don’t want to get too much into legal — during a civil case. The judge and I won’t go into all of his bias, believe me, but it will come out again. No one will print it, but he pushed us over to another judge for contempt of court,” Arpaio said.

“And they charged me with the wrong charge. No jury. I can go on and on. Once again, the truth will come out,” added Arpaio.
The career law enforcement official complained that while he has only received two parking tickets in his life, hehas been accused and convicted of these unreleated crimes.

Arpaio’s defense argued during the second trial that he was unaware of the limitations the first judge had ordered, which he was later held in contempt of violating.

Arpaio’s sentencing was scheduled to begin Oct. 5, President Trump pardon him several weeks before.

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