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John McCain Undermines Trump’s Lifetime Of Negotiation Skills In New Statement



President Donald Trump has spent his entire life negotiating and making deals — he’s mastered his craft and it’s partially why he’s currently the commander in chief.

However, Sen. John McCain has thrown all of those life experiences out the window, disregarding Trump’s career as a negotiator on the hunt for a good deals.

On Tuesday, the Arizona senator warned that withdrawing from the North American Free Trade Agreement would be “a disaster,” effectively calling on President Trump not to hunt for a better deal for the American people..

WE reports:

McCain, R-Ariz., is among several border-state lawmakers who favor remaining in NAFTA, which Trump has vowed to renegotiate due to criticism that it has left America at a trade disadvantage and has hurt jobs and the economy. He and other lawmakers want Trump to improve NAFTA rather than radically alter the agreement.

“As renegotiations get underway, it’s important for the administration to recognize NAFTA’s many contributions and not impose new barriers that could harm our ability to trade with our closest neighbors,” McCain said in a statement. “Along with the countless individuals in my home state and around the country who have benefited from NAFTA, I urge the administration to pursue an outcome that does not pick winners or losers, but further promotes the free flow of trade with Mexico and Canada that has and will continue to boost our economy.”

Trump is said to be examining modest changes to NAFTA that include ensuring equal enforcement of labor and environmental rules, which NAFTA critics say now leave the United States at a disadvantage.

McCain said Mexico is “Arizona’s number-one trading partner,” and that the value of two-way trade last year was $15.7 billion, which supported 90,000 jobs in the state.

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