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Dems Have Panic Attack After “Confederate Flag Crew” Shows Up To Help Flooded Texans



The deep south “Cajun Army” — donning confederate flags and all — are helping rescue Texans affected by Hurricane Harvey.

And liberals are absolutely stunned.

“Y’all, the confederate flag crew is helping black people evacuate in Houston and I can’t…” a triggered liberal wrote in all-caps on Twitter.

Surprisingly, the Cajun Army has mobilized extremely quickly on social media and have likely rescued as many — if not more — people than the Texas government.

Here was one message by a Texan on Facebook:

“URGENT! Calling all cajun navy boaters! We need your help in the worst way in Texas. We have been called upon by all officials in Houston and Dickinson Area for search and rescue. We need all the hands and boats that can be brought. We have the full green light to ender. We currently have boots and boats on the scene. If you are able to make the trip, it would be greatly appreciated!”

Here’s a video of people getting picked up and rescued:

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