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BUSTED: Bernie Sanders Caught Hitting The “Delete” Button Just Like Hillary…



On Monday, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders took a page right out of Hillary Clinton’s playbook — deleting controversial items in the public eye.

After Charlottesville riots spread nationwide, Sanders issued two tweets that effectively blame President Donald Trump for the surge of racism, chaos, and violence.

But then, he quickly deleted them.

Here’s what his first deleted tweet said: “Do I think the president bears some responsibility for what happened Charlottesville? Absolutely, yes.”

Then, he tried to soften it after outrage over the first tweet: “Do I think the president bears some responsibility for conjuring the behavior of white supremacists in this country? Absolutely, yes.”

But ultimately, he took that one down as well, settling for a much more tame, watered-down version:

“The message President Trump sent out to racists and Neo-Nazis all over the country this past weekend is this is okay,” Sanders tweeted.

Free Beacon reports:

Ironically, the senator has his own problem with supporters perpetrating violence. Sanders’ office had to issue an official statement distancing himself from a former campaign volunteer after the man attempted to murder Republican Louisiana Representative Steve Scalise.


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