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BREAKING: North Korea Launches Ballistic Missile At United States



North Korea is now more serious than ever in it’s attempt to begin a war.

On Monday, the communist regime launched an unidentified missile that flew directly toward the United States — but, thankfully, its flight was short-lived.

The missile disintegrated over Hokkaido, Japan, NHK reported, breaking into three massive pieces, falling into waters off the Japanese’s east coast.

The alarms sounded in Tohoku, with residents being told to take shelter in basements of bunkers.

According to the South Korean news agency Yonhap, North Korea also ‘fired an “unidentified projectile” from Pyongyang in the East Sea direction at around 5:57 a.m’

No injuries have reported as of yet — here’s the picture of the path of the missile — if it had continued, because of the curvature of the earth, it would have hit mainland United States.

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