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BREAKING: Malia Obama CARTED Out Of Massive Party… “She Was High As A Kite”



Former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama seem to be having a difficult time keeping their kids in line — if they’re even trying.

Late last week, a video exploded on social media showing former First Daughter Malia Obama “as high as a kite” and being carted off a Lollapalooza festival, per TMZ sources.

AOL reports:

Initially, video was posted by TMZ showed Malia Obama rocking out and rolling on the ground in a very erratic manner during the Killers set at the Chicago event.

And now, new footage surfaced showing her being escorted out of the festival dazed and confused.

Malia is seen in the video riding in the front seat of a golf cart with two other people riding in the back. The 19-year-old can be seen with her arms folded, seemingly slouched over as she is driven out of crowds.

The time of this video is unclear, but her similar clothing makes it plausible this escorting out came after she danced around emphatically.

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