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ALERT: Insider Exposes Paul Ryan’s Plan To SABOTAGE Trump’s Biggest Campaign Promise…



In a bombshell new report, insiders have told Speaker Paul Ryan’s former challenger that funding for the President Donald Trump’s border wall will be removed at the last minute.

Paul Nehlen says Ryan will blame the Democrats for the reason it had to be pulled from the budget.

“I just received information from my congressional sources that Speaker Ryan, contrary to his position with his new slick ads suggesting he’s all for the border wall, he’s maneuvering behind the scenes to defund the border wall.” Nehlen says in a livestream.

“The small amount of money we got for the 60 miles in there, Speaker Ryan is planning to defund it,” Nehlen reports. “What we need is funding from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean — Speaker Ryan is actually working behind the scenes now to remove that funding. He is planning to blame it on the Democrats, saying they’re going to shut down the government and therefore he had to take it out of the budget.”

He then went on to suggest that reporters that interview Ryan in the next few days ask about this very issue. WATCH:

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