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SAD: Look What “Middle-Class” Joe Is Charging For Signed Book Copies



For a party who runs on the blue-collar ticket, there’s not a whole lot of blue-collar, middle-class America things going on. That’s especially the case with Joe Biden, who must be hurting for cash, as he’s charging for autographed copies of his new book for his fans.

But what’s crazy is how much he’s charging. We doubt many “middle-class” fans will be able to afford one.

Daily Caller reports:

Around the same time it was announced former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama had signed a joint $60 million book deal, former Vice-President Joe Biden and his wife Jill signed a book deal of their own.

While the amount the Bidens received is not known, it is undoubtedly less than that of the Obamas, but it seems “middle-class Joe” may have found a way to make up some of the difference – charging those seeking an autographed copy hundreds of dollars for one.

Biden is set to embark on a tour for his forthcoming book, “Promise Me, Dad.” The book details the death of his son Beau and his decision not to run for president in 2016. While most book tours include either a book signing or attendees receiving a copy of the book that was signed by the author beforehand, signed copies of Biden’s book will only be available to those who purchase VIP tickets to the event.

Politics and Prose, a Washington, DC, bookstore known for hosting authors at singing events, sent out an email announcing the event at the Warner Theater on November 14 with the note, “Every ticket for this evening includes a copy of the book. VIP Packages include a signed book and a meet and greet opportunity with Vice President Biden.”

The price to meet Biden and get a signed copy of his book is $448, not including the service fee for tickets.

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