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Rush Reveals DISTURBING Theory About The GOP’s Sick Plan For Trump



Conservative radio legend Rush Limbaugh has been right — almost eerily — about a long list of Trump-related theories and ideas. The man has been around as long as some of the more seasoned politicians and knows who plays what games.

What he just revealed about the Republican party and their potential plans for President Trump is beyond disturbing and it’s important that we listen up.

The Blaze reports:

Rush Limbaugh, nationally syndicated conservative radio show host, during the Tuesday broadcast of his show, accused the “Washington establishment” of plotting a “silent coup” in order to oust President Donald Trump.

Limbaugh, discussing Trump’s presidency, claimed that ever since Trump was elected, the established Washington power players “began to circle the wagons,” and from that day forward, Trump was not going to be “allowed to triumph on anything.”

Intimating that success would be by a very narrow margin — if at all — Limbaugh added, “There was no way that this establishment was going to permit an outsider to come in and clean house and show how Washington can work and blow their cover for the last how many decades.”

Later during the airing, Limbaugh doubled down on remarks that something nefarious is afoot within the “Washington establishment.”

“We’re in the midst of a silent coup,” he said. “These people are trying to take this president out. And everybody understands that. So why in that circumstance do you think that the same people trying to destroy Donald Trump are going to help him get rid of Obamacare? Are going to help him reform the tax code? They’re not. They are going to have to be defeated, not worked with. There isn’t any cooperation.”

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