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BOOM: Tennessee Just HUMILIATED Liberal California With This Epic Letter



Most conservatives, if polled, would gladly suggest the liberal bastion of California become it’s own state and stop pushing their leftist agenda on the rest of nation.

But since we’re probably not that lucky (at this point), Tennessee did the next best thing and humiliated the entire state with one awesome letter in response to California’s proposed “travel ban” to states who “discriminate” against LGBT people.

Well played, Tennessee!

Daily Caller reports:

The Tennessee Senate fired back at the California state government in a biting joint resolution issued in response to California’s travel ban.

The resolution encouraged the governor of Tennessee and the Speakers of the Tennessee House of Representatives and Senate to enact a similar travel ban against California, and urged the other 48 states of the Union to not follow California’s example.

California’s attorney general recently added four states to a list of states deemed to have laws discriminating against LGBT people. California has banned state-funded travel to these states as a show of opposition to those laws, all of which were passed to better protect religious liberties. Tennessee, which is included on that list, pointed out the folly of such a travel ban in the bulk of a joint resolution.

The resolution further stated that California’s travel ban was an attempt to “[impose] their unfounded moral judgment” on other states, and amounted to one sovereign entity telling another sovereign entity how to conduct its government.

Tennessee’s senate resolved to send a copy of this resolution to state legislatures throughout the nation to encourage them to “[take] action against this type of blackmail.”

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