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BOOM: Ted Cruz Launches Broadside Attack On John McCain, Exposes His LIES…



Sen. Ted Cruz just called out Sen. John McCain big time.

As Cruz walked out of the Senate chamber, after three GOP senators voted with Democrats to keep Obamacare, Fox News captured his initial thoughts.

And he was not happy. Take a look:

“There are going to be a great many Americans who tonight feel a sense of betrayal. Feel a sense of betrayal as a politician stood up and made a promise — I’ll tell you this, if you stand up and campaign and say ‘we’re going to repeal Obamacare’ and you vote for Obamacare, those are not consistent.

“And the American people are entirely justified in saying that, and a politician who told me that and voted the other way didn’t tell me the truth, they lied to me.” Ted Cruz said, referring to Sen. John McCain who surprised many pundits with his last minute decision to vote to keep Obamacare.


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