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JUST IN: Trump Kids Opening New Hotel Chain… And You’ll LOVE The Name



On Monday, the Trump Organization, headed up by Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, made an official announcement regarding the opening of a “wallet-friendly” hotel chain.

They plan to call the hotels”American Idea.”

Newsmax reports:

The Trump Organization announced plans Monday to open a line of wallet-friendly hotels called American Idea.

The New York Times reported the idea has been in the works for several years. President Donald Trump’s children helped bring it to life after they noticed a lack of hotel options in small and mid-sized cities across the U.S. as they campaigned for and with their father.

“I said, ‘That’s brilliant,'” Eric Danziger, who runs the Trump Organization’s hotels division, told the Times. “The reality is we should have something in those kinds of locations.”

The hotels will feature items that scream Americana, such as old coke machines and other mementoes. The first hotels are expected to open relatively soon in Mississippi, locations that will simply be rebranded from other hotel chains. The company plans to build others.

Danziger said the idea is not political, and the hotels will be located in all corners of the country, including states and cities that voted for Democrat Hillary Clinton in last fall’s election.

The Trump name will not be displayed anywhere in the hotels, the Times noted.

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