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Supreme Court Makes Announcement About Trump’s Travel Ban… This Changes Everything



For months now, Democrats have been hoping that the Supreme Court will just ignore Trump’s travel ban.

But, instead, the SCOTUS has just made every liberals’ nightmare a reality — they’ve sped up their proceedings to hear the case even faster.

USANF reports:

The Supreme Court justices released the statement regarding President Donald Trump’s executive orders commanding a travel moratorium, saying “text and operation are religion-neutral.” This suggests they may not see the order as religious discrimination, even though liberals are claiming it is.

The statement also seemed to project respect for President’s authority over his decision on the travel ban. Which, unfortunately for the leftists, the president can disallow anyone to enter the country — and that’s just the law.

Normally, those who stand against the travel ban would have until July 3rd to provide their response to the Department of Justice’s appeals to the Supreme Court.

But now, the Supreme Court has ordered the plaintiffs to deliver their responses before summer recess — June 12. This could also mean that the Supreme Court may have the final decision much, much quicker.

And if the court kept the schedule as-is, the justices would not be able to make a decision until mid-2018. It’s so good to learn that the Supreme Court ignores the liberals and their demands to simply not hear the case. Unfortunately for them, this might be the final blow.

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