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Trump’s Golf Course In New York Vandalized In Serious Attack



President Donald Trump just can’t seem to catch a break — on Monday night, frenzied liberals vandalized Trump Golf Links using chainsaws at Ferry Point in the Bronx.

USANF reports:

According to reports, vandals cut down four 30-foot tall trees using a chainsaw, during Monday night and Tuesday morning, and it was not until 9:30 a.m. that a golf course general manager discovered what happened and informed the police.

As soon as the officers arrived, they found the chainsaw at the scene and stated that two vandals had climbed an iron fence to get to the trees. Trump and his organization have been at odds for some time over the course, as he wanted to expand the course, unfortunately, the city refused to green light his request.

Despite the Trump organization pitching its case to expand the golf course back in November and including a 2013 letter from golf legend Jack Nicklaus endorsing the expansion, the city stated that they had plans to turn the course into a waterfront area, marking it off as a future public park land.

For now, reports claim that police are looking at the surveillance footage to try and track down the vandals, and as of right now, no arrests have been made.

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