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Statistics Reveal Police Deaths Up 39% In 2017



Even under the leadership of a president who has the highest respect for the men and women in blue who protect us day and night, something awful is happening to cops in America that needs to end immediately.

Police deaths not only cause emotional distress for departments and families, but they also create a situation that leads to fewer candidates and recruits for large police forces, which leads to more crime, and so on.

As long as cop-hating race-baiters keep fueling the flames of anti-cop rhetoric, especially in urban areas, these kind of stats will continue to make America less safe. It’s time for action.

Washington Examiner reports:

The killings of police have surged 39 percent this year, a tragedy that President Trump is expected to address Monday when he draws attention to National Police Week.

The National law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund said Monday that 50 police have been killed this year. In 2016 at this time, the number was 36.

The most, 22, were traffic related. The second highest reason was gun shootings, at 16.

The week-long memorial to fallen officers kicked off this past weekend with a peaceful candlelight vigil at the Capitol.

Supporters said the event was notable because there were no protests and few media.

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