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Obama Returns To America After Luxurious Vacation, Get BRUTAL News Upon Arrival…



Upon landing back in the United States, former President Barack Obama was hit with some hard news — a conservative watchdog keeps getting more damning information on all of his luxurious trips as president.

And they’re working to get even more information — which would be detrimental to the Obamas.

USANF reports:

Judicial Watch just announced that they have records from the Secret Service and the Air Force, and shows that Obama family travel cost taxpayers a grand total of $99,714,527.82.

Here’s what the record shows:

  • Obamas trip on March 2014 to Key Largo – where they stayed at the exclusive resort, Ocean Reef Club – approximately cost the Secret Service $247,827.50; $182,120.33 of them went for hotels and $65,707.17 in travel expenses. The total cost of that trip is $1,133,510.50, with previously released $885,683 in flight costs.
  • Other records show that Michelle Obama spent $64,807.41 during February 2015 Aspen vacation. $47,109.28 for hotels, $3,559.43 in rental cars and $14,138.70 in other travel expenses. The total cost of the trip with $57,068.80 in flight costs from previously released Air Force records is $121,876.21.
  • Judicial Watch released records from Air Force regarding the 2016-2017 Obama family Christmas trip to Honolulu, Hawaii. It shows 17.9 hours of flying at $142,380 per hour, bringing the total flight cost to $2,548,602.

Judicial Watch announced that it has filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the US DHS for Secret Service records associated with Obama’s movements and activities since he left the White House.

The lawsuit is seeking:

“All records of former President Barack Obama’s movements, schedule, activities, and/or meeting for January 21, 2017 through March 21, 2017. Such records include, but are not limited to, U.S. Secret Service schedules and activity reports.”

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