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John McCain Defies Crucial Trump Campaign Promise



Arizona Sen. John McCain is working as hard as he can to oppose the Trump administration and appease the mainstream media.

McCain tried to block President Trump’s crucial cabinet pick of Robert Lighthizer for U.S. Trade Representative — part of a massive campaign promise to enact better trade deals. But, unfortunately for the establishment senator, he didn’t get what he wanted this time.

WND reports:

President Trump’s top-level team is finally complete, as Robert Lighthizer, Trump’s nominee for the Cabinet-level position of United States Trade Representative, was finally confirmed by the Senate. Lighthizer won a resounding 82-14 vote, with many Democrats crossing the aisle to support Trump’s nominee.

But Lighthizer faced strong opposition from some Republicans, notably from Sens. McCain of Arizona, Ben Sasse of Nebraska and Cory Gardner of Colorado. McCain and Sasse slammed Lighthizer in a joint letter for supposedly failing “to reassure us that you understand the North American Free Trade Agreement’s [NAFTA’s] positive economic benefits to our respective states and the nation as a whole.”

The senators also blasted Lighthizer’s “vocal advocacy for protectionist shifts in our trade policies.”

For his part, Gardner claimed Lighthizer’s policies “could hurt Colorado’s farmers.”

Yet Lighthizer has a long history of working within the Republican Party and a great deal of experience. He served as Ronald Reagan’s deputy trade representative and has decades of experience negotiating trade agreements. Though the defections of the three Republicans could have endangered Lighthizer’s nomination given the GOP’s slim Senate majority, most Democrats ultimately decided not to oppose him.

One Republican who rejoiced in Lighthizer’s confirmation was Paul Nehlen, the populist Wisconsinite who challenged Speaker of the House Paul Ryan in a primary last year and authored the new book “Wage The Battle.”

Nehlen called Lighthizer an obvious choice for the important post.

“He has the credentials, among other things, working for the Reagan administration as deputy trade representative, negotiating dozens of bilateral trade agreements,” Nehlen told WND. “Lighthizer is, like me, a proponent of tariffs. We are well aware that Republicans were, too, when America’s manufacturing was great. Lighthizer will be a big part of making trade great again.”

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