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Liberal ANTIFA Thugs Beat Trump Supporter Unconscious At Berkeley



When pro-Trump supporters showed up to exercise their Constitutional right of free speech, violent anti-Trump ANTIFA thugs decided they wanted some news coverage and violence was their answer.

What happened to the Trump fan below is a sad reminder that although liberals preach “tolerance,” they’re far from it. A majority of the time, the stories end with another great American lying on the ground with a battered face. All because he supported his president.

Gateway Pundit reports:

California – Pro-Trump and anti-Trump rallies kicked off in Berkeley’s Civic Center Park today. Far left Antifa thugs showed up and of course things turned violent.

This is typical behavior for far left Antifa terrorists.

They commit these acts of violence at rallies across the US.

The police were no where to be seen when hundreds of Antifa thugs interrupted the pro-Trump rally.

One Trump supporter was knocked unconscious during the assault.

ASSAULT VIDEO (Warning: Graphic)

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