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JUST IN: Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Program Gets Stunning News From Trump Admin…



Michelle Obama’s school lunch mandates are being unraveled right before our eyes.

The days of overreaching government telling your kids what is good and bad for them are over — President Trump is the new sheriff in town and his agriculture department is doing everything they can to protect liberties in the cafeteria.

The Daily Caller reports:

Perdue and Kansas Republican Sen. Pat Roberts will release a new interim rule “designed to provide flexibility for school meals” at an elementary school in Leesburg, Va. Monday, a USDA press release stated. The exact nature of the interim rule is unclear, but the USDA said it will provide “regulatory flexibility” for public schools.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama spearheaded reforms to the school lunch program to improve youth nutrition and reduce childhood obesity, but many schools found the restrictions difficult to follow.

School children hated Michelle Obama’s lunch program — and the evidence for that is clear. Here are some inedible foods that were served under the Obama administration:

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