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BOMBSHELL: Sean Spicer Drops Stunning Info About Media’s Presidential Approval Polls…



On Sunday, during Howard Kurtz “Media Buzz” on Fox News, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer dropped a bomb bout these poor approval ratings presented by media outlets.

And now, it’s surprising no one.

When asked about these particular polls, Spicer shrugged off the results, disclosing that the data was collected using the same flawed formula that was dead wrong about President Trump chances on the November 8th election.

“In some cases, these are the same polls and the same demographical makeups of the polls that underestimated his win in the first place,” Spicer told Kurtz. “I think when you look at the same polls that didn’t understand the makeup of the country that got him 306 electoral votes. And you’re using the same methodology to judge now, you recognize in a lot of cases the polling is misrepresenting a good degree of folks out there.”


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