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What Paul Ryan Did Just Hours Before Healthcare Vote Is Stunning Americans…



Just when you thought the healthcare drama couldn’t get more ridiculous, it does.

In a stunning new report, House Speaker Paul Ryan’s desperation was revealed for all to see — he got down on one knee and actually “begged” for congressmen to vote for his Affordable Care Act replacement bill.

The Daily Caller reports:

According to a detailed account in the Washington Post, the Wisconsin native “got down on a knee to plead with Rep. Don Young” on Thursday night, just hours before the House was supposed to vote on the bill, because he remained undecided.

“When the speaker finished with Young, he spent about 10 minutes in an animated discussion with Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.), one of the bill’s most outspoken critics,” the Post noted. “At one point, the speaker took his own arms and held them up, his hands at face level, then slowly lowered them to his waist — presumably trying to demonstrate his belief that the bill will lower costs.”

Rep. Joe Barton added that the effort involved a lot of “back-patting and butt-kicking.”

Ryan, who later ended up pulling the bill after he told Donald Trump that it did not have the votes to pass, held a press conference Friday after the bill was abruptly yanked.

“We are going to go back and figure out what the next steps are,” Ryan said during a press conference after the bill was pulled. “We believed this bill was the best way to go, but we just didn’t get the consensus. I think our members know we did everything we could to get consensus.”

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