Elizabeth Warren Degrades Americans, So Donald Trump Jr. Puts Her To SHAME…

Elizabeth Warren, basking in her blatant hypocrisy and intolerance, attacked the GOP and “rich and powerful” Americans in a scathing tweet on Saturday.

The far-left Massachusetts senator claimed the GOP is “hell-bent on rigging the system” for business-owners and individuals at the top of the chain.

However, this tweet piqued the interest of President Trump’s oldest child — Donald Trump Jr.

And he held no punches.

In response, the Trump son claimed the Massachusetts senator was displaying a hypocritical attitude, saying: “Ha, you mean like someone who was paid almost $500,000.00 to “teach” one class a semester at Harvard? #DoAsISayNotAsIDo.”


The good news is that Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren is up for reelection in 2018 — and her Republican challenger is, ironically, a real Indian.

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