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Amazon Knocks Some Sense Into Bernie Sanders’ “Living-Wage”… He’s HATING This



When you demand that the federal government force businesses to double their minimum per hour payment, you’re just asking for trouble.

And they seemed to have found it, as it appears like Bernie Sanders and his following have dug themselves into even deeper of a hole after Amazon’s latest announcement.

The Daily Caller reports:

Amazon reportedly plans on operating its futuristic supermarkets with a minimal amount of humans.

Much of the staff at the prospective automated grocery stores would be robots, according to the New York Post.

“Amazon will utilize technology to minimize labor,” a source close to the situation told the New York Post. Amazon, though, denies the reports that it is building such a store, according to both the Post and Business Insider.

Internal documents show that the electronic commerce and cloud computing company is exploring the possibility of opening 2,000 supermarkets over the next decade, to further expand on its already established grocery services, like AmazonFresh.

Sanders and his infamous “Fight for $15” demonstrators might have to defect from their minimum-wage talking points in order to protest robots who may very well take their jobs.

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